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Have It When You Need To

Latest news from Unibet: If you travel around the European poker circuit you cannot fail to notice Guillaume Darcourt. He is the man with the pink-hair who generally has a huge stack and is surrounded by media frenzy. Darcourt has earned over $1 million in live tournament earnings in a career spanning five-years. The happily married father has won a WPT title and finished in 35th place at the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

The reason Darcourt attracts so much attention – with the exception of his pink hair – is his style of play. Media always end their coverage of the days play by shining the name of the chip leader in neon lights. Darcourt’s name is often sparkling. But why you may ask? It’s to do with style.

“I don’t know anybody in the world who gets paid off more than me. People just never believe that I have it,” says Darcourt.

The Darcourt phenomenon is all to do with style and it is something that can be learned through experience. If we were to slap a label onto him we would call him Loose Aggressive, but he is Loose Aggressive with a twist. He has a great feel for the game and knows where he is at in a hand. He plays in a lot of pots, but doesn’t get too attached when he hits the board. He realises that his choice of hand strength will often lead him into situations where he faces some tough decisions. But he balances this tough decision making with payoff.

When you play a large number of hands, your opponents develop a sub-conscious belief that you never have it. Darcourt is now experienced enough to exacerbate this belief by physically acting up to the suppositions. His huge stack comes when he does find a hand and his opponent has doubt.