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How do I know the facts of this story so well? I was that young shooter and this was one of my first learning experiences at the funny crap shows on tv. It wasn't until several years ago when after I studied and learned more about craps that I finally comprehended what the guy i was talking was trying to tell me at that night. He was right - I could have won thousands on my monster roll if only I would have increased my bets as I was making point after point.

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Before the publication of Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win! no one was writing about “dice control” or “dice influence” and the terms “rhythmic roller” or “rhythm roller” didn’t exist. Just about every book on craps looked at it from a mathematical perspective. Of course, based purely on the math, the only way to beat craps in the long run is to hope you can buy someone’s Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet if he’s getting ready to take it down. Otherwise, the game is unassailable from the math end.

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When gambling, if the game you've chosen to play, keeping an eye on your bankroll is also very important. With all that the games have to offer and the casinos that are part of the online casinos suite , many lose track of how much money they're spending, which can lead to financial troubles we're having as a society. The best of all tips when it comes to money management, is to work out exactly how much you're applying to spend on casino gambling and not above that limit. Wagering is very amusing, but just like anything else, has to be done in moderation.

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