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When I first started writing about the Captain’s concept of “rhythmic rolling,” I was met with some hostility and much incredulity by other gambling writers and the reading public. This was in 1991 after my first book came out. I received a letter that accused me of making up the Captain and contriving to create a fiction that someone could actually beat the game of craps. Some letter writers were irate. One guy wrote me a letter and in a huff concluded: “Scoblete, you are a fraud and a *^&%#$&!!! moron!”

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One man named Mandeville, changed the world of gambling and Hazard when he changed the rules of the game to create craps. Craps was played on the boat casinos, in casinos across the land and country. Because there were still problems with cheats and the game of craps, another man Winn, developed the game of craps even further, allowing for additional bets, which moved more money about.

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Speaking of women, when the "nine" is your point and you make it, the dealer can shout: "Nina from Pasadena!" as Nina, plain and without the attendant city, also means "nine". For some reason, a "nine" can be referred to as a "rusty James" perhaps because he was shot with a lot of rumble (which equals nine). And for scurrilous stickmen, the call of "nine" goes: full housed at the same time

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