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Categorizing Opponents: An Advance Poker Strategy

Efficient use of poker strategies is important to advance poker players who regularly participate in competitions as well as in real money games. Having ample knowledge on poker strategies is important to those who want to make a decent living out of this card game. Strategies vary on the kind of poker players wish to play. Some techniques are applicable to all variations of poker while other strategies can only be employed in few poker variants.

One of the most helpful strategies that advance players need to use to win in real money games is the appropriate categorization of their opponents. Categorization of opponents can be done by classifying them according to their playing styles. By knowing the playing styles of opponents, it will be easier for players to beat them in their games.

Fish Poker Players

Players who belong to this category are those who give too much attention to their cards and do not have ample knowledge on the effective ways to read the actions, moves and hands of their opponents. The actions of fish poker players are easy to predict since they do not know how to bluff or slow play. In this manner, their opponents can easily know their hands and can instantly beat them.

Weak Tight Players

Gamblers who fall in this category are more strategic than fish poker players. They know some effective poker strategies but they are not brave enough to make big bets in the game, which hinder them to get big profits. One strategy that players can use to beat weak tight poker players is bluffing. When their opponents bluff and put an all-in bet, it is possible that they will fold.

Tight Aggressive Players

Tight aggressive players are knowledgeable about strong poker strategies so those who will play against them need to be careful with their actions and moves. A good tactic to use to beat them is to regularly change your playing style. Hence, it will be hard for them to read your actions and moves in the game.

Hyper Aggressive Players

These gamblers are more aggressive than tight aggressive players are, when it comes to betting. Hyper aggressive players are not afraid of raising and betting. Because of their aggressiveness in games, their opponents may have difficulties reading their actions. To trap them, players need to raise them when they have strong hands to know how often they bluff in a game.

Learning the different categories of advance players will give chances to their opponents to instantly beat them. To be safe, players who often play real money games of poker should regularly change their playing styles. In this way, other players will have a hard time beating them since they cannot read their actions and moves.