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poker hands

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"If you believe poor people don't have any brains, I suppose you'd subscribe to their theory that they shouldn't be allowed to gamble and decide how to spend their money, have children or get a job," zatrautze also said the nation's most famous video poker player is not a poor Democrat, but rich Republican who . Recently, it was revealed that Bennett, who has written best-selling books about being virtuous, gambled away all the million, much of it in slots and video poker.

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in 90 days video poker was being banned in 2000, the number of active Gamblers Anonymous groups declined to 16 from 32. From then on, most addict treatment groups had only one or two members instead of the previous dozens, the study said. Video poker is the cause of all evil in the universe "Additionally, the most active gamblers' hot line in the state reported the number of calls they were receiving fell from over 200 a month to zero," the study said. Just 90 days of video poker being banned! think what a whole year could do!

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The income disparity between the richest 1 percent of American households and the poorest 20 percent is at its highest point since 1920, while the number of millionaire households grew by 14 percent last year. At the same time, there is less mobility between classes. A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found that while slightly more than half of the families who started the 1970s in poverty made it into another income class, by the '90s, more than half of them stayed in poverty. (For more statistics in this vein, see Poker, at least, is one way a guy with just $40 and his wits can join those millionaire households.

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